RoadRunner leather AccesSories

North Olmsted, Ohio  USA

Customized Work



     Leather crafting is a speciality of mine for which I have an unlimited imagination.  Ideas & designs pop into my head faster than I can make them. Many people have enjoyed my original creations.

As you browse through the pictures on this web site,

or if you see my work in person ...

My Motto is:  

“if you don’t see anything you like, I’ll make it for you.”

     My work is displayed at Motorcycle Swap meets, Leather Shows, Car shows and some Oktoberfests in the Ohio-Michigan area. My favorite places are anywhere Motorcycle enthusiasts gather for ‘Fun & Festivities.’

     Very often I’ll be wearing a piece or two that I’ve made and someone will pay me a compliment & ask “where did I get it”? I proudly tell them that I made it and if they wish I’ll make them anything they would like.     

    Since I work alone, one piece at a time, and am not a production line... please be patient when ordering and you will be very pleased with the results.  

    Belts, knife cases and most items are made of 8oz. Oil Tanned leather; the same leather used when making Saddle Bags.

     Smaller projects are usually made of lighter weight Leather or Suede. All depends on the project or the request.

      COMMUNICATION is MOST IMPORTANT, measurements have to be exact.   ie:  boot size, waist, heel height, etc.

       We will go over details through email or Phone calls.

       My work is suited to the individual who is ordering it.

  1. *PRICES VARY ON EVERY ORDER.....some like Fancy, some like plain.

  2. *Make up your own design and it’ll be one of a kind !!       



welcome to the world as seen through my eyes